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Books for artists: Lisa Congdon's 'Art Inc.'

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Today is Book Lovers Day, so we thought we share with you one of the books that inspire us recently and made us believe that it's possible to pursue a dream of becoming an artist. It's never too late!

Lisa Congdon 'Art Inc. . The essential guide for building your career as an artist'

Lisa Congdon's 'Art Inc.: The essential guide for building your career as an artist' is a must-read for anyone who wants to work in the creative industry. The book is full of practical hints and tips how to do it and don't go crazy as well as it's packed with lots of inspiring case studies of people who did it.

I came across Lisa last year at the Blogtacular conference. She was one of the keynote speakers. 

Blogtacular Lisa Congdon courtesy of Mollie Makes

Lisa Congdon is an artist, illustrator and author. Her presentation resonated with me greatly, and I learnt that it’s never too late to embrace your creative side and that we are continuously evolving and learning. She's a big advocate of embracing 'wabi sabi' and learning how to let go. 

‘Wabi sabi’ – a Japanese way of living embracing imperfections and the temporary - can save your sanity, according to her. Nothing lasts forever and we can find beauty and happiness in every object and moment regardless of its appearance.

So if you are an artist or you want to become one in the future, please read her book and feel inspired.





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