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Say it with colour: green

Hi All,

Just wanted to share with your my recent collaboration with Karolina, the editor-in-chied of ESTILA magazine.

If you like colour and are interested in colour psychology, please head to ESTILA's website to read the first of the “Say it with” mini series, talking all about green in life, interiors, fashion and business. 

Read 'Say it with green' now.

Green interiors, Emma Gurner for design studio Folds Inside

If you love green as much as I do, please check our green wall art. A perfect way to add green to your interiors.

‘Freedom’ Open Edition Giclée Print

'Monkey' Limited Edition Giclée Print

'Warsaw3 Green’ Open Edition Giclée Print

Do you like green? We'd love to know.

Have a lovely weekend.


Photography: First photo provided by interior designer Emma Gurner for design studio Folds Inside

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