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What to expect from our postage and packing?

Hi All,

For those who want to know more about our postage and packing details.

We use 16 gsm acid free (ph neutral) tissue paper to wrap our prints which protects the image from damage. Our tissue paper is a stylish light grey in colour and is kept in place with one of our custom envelope seals.

Our A4 board backed envelopes are sourced from a large UK supplier ensuring top quality and strength compared to many other sources. The envelope itself is manilla in colour and has ‘Please Do Not Bend’ printed in red as a helpful reminder to our postal service. The back of the envelope is strengthened with 1000 micron thick card giving extra protection to our prints against bending or folding.

PickArtHome packaging

For shipping our A3 and A2 prints we use specially sourced postal tubes from a trusted UK supplier. Our postal tubes are extra strong with a wall diameter of 2mm and are made from recycled and recyclable materials. The ends of the tubes are secured with plastic ends that are then wrapped with our ‘FRAGILE’ tape.

PickArtHome Tubes

For extra security we use high quality ‘FRAGILE’ tape to secure the ends of our postal tube deliveries. Made from 32 micron polypropylene our tape sticks quickly to both card and plastic.


Inside our packages you can expect to find one of our business cards and a thank you card, all personally designed and printed to a high quality.

PickArtHome business cards

If you have any more questions, please just drop us a line at

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